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2. plass i konkurransen "Unge Forskere"

Ole Johan Evjenth Sørhaug (IB) tok en strålende 2. plass i konkurransen "Unge Forskere". Premien består av et stipend på 7000,- og deltakelse på "London International Youth Science Seminar".

Ole Johan er til daglig avgangselev på IB Diploma Programme ved Trondheim Katedralskole. Han deltok i klassen Humanistiske fag med et essayet «Death, thou shalt die».


Under kan du lese en utdrag fra essayet:

"Death, thou shalt die"

The approach to mortality by William Shakespeare, John Donne, and John Keats was investigated in their respective sonnets: Sonnet 73, Death be not proud, and When I have fears that I may cease to be. The structure of the sonnet and why it fits the research question of "How do three sonneteers approach mortality in their sonnets and what comfort do they offer in the face of death?" is initially discussed. This is then followed by an analysis and comparison of the three sonnets where it can concluded the main focus of the three poets is to provide comfort in the face of death. Their target audiences, however, differ.

The paper determines which sonnet has the best technical approach and which one appears to relay its message in the best way. Unlike Shakespeare who comforts his lover because of his impending death, or Donne who is quite marked by his religious views which could distance more secular readers, Keats produces a sonnet that is easier to relate to in today’s modern world. The wish to attain fame and the level of introspection makes the sonnet feel more alive for the reader. The essay concludes with the following statement: "The way in which a sonneteer approaches his issue might very well be the path to the solution to this problem". The sonneteers show how different approaches and attitudes to the end of life produce different results, but also with similarities due to the sonnet form.

Essayet er i utgangspunktet en obligatorisk oppgave, Extended Essay, som alle elever på IB Diploma Programme må skrive med utgangspunkt i ett av fagene de tar.



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